The Big Book of Bible Answers: A Guide to Understanding the Most Challenging Questions by Ron Rhodes

What a thought-provoking book! I appreciated the introduction, which gave the background the author has into answering questions others have about the Bible. At no point in the book do I see him “side” with any denominational group, but his answers are well thought out and each one is definitely supported by Scripture. Most answers include the reference to the verse (or verses!) that backed up the way that he responded, and you could easily pull out your Bible to follow along with how he got to that response. That’s the sign of a good author – not just answering the question, but giving you a way to see for yourself how they came up with that answer. Many books like this don’t give that kind of detail, but it’s important if we’re to really understand why things are the way that they are – we can’t just give a response based on how we feel or what we’re thinking about that day, we have to back it up by going to Scripture. I thought it was great how the author did just that!
Some of the questions surprised me, and were good to read because they gave good answers to questions that people who have spent their entire life in church may not ever ask (or we may just think that they have “easy” answers!). Is it possible for the Christian to attain sinless perfection in this life? Is suicide an unforgivable sin? What biblical evidence is there for one God? What does the Bible say about the equality of the races?

I would absolutely recommend this book to others, and intend to keep it on my shelf to use as a reference when questions are asked or when I need to look into things more. I’d like to check out other books by this author too, because if this book is any indication of how he writes, I think he’s does a fantastic job!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


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