30 Days to Becoming a Woman of Prayer by Stormie Omartian

If you’ve ever read anything by Stormie, you’ll know before starting this book that you’re in for a treat.  If you haven’t, then prepare to really be fed by what she’s giving us here!  The daily devotionals are between six-seven pages long, so they aren’t necessarily “quick”, but they’re well worth the time you’ll spend on them.  As I’ve taken time to study this book each day, I’ve felt like the time spent on the readings really blessed me throughout the day, and I was easily able to go back to what I had read and see a way that it applied to my life.

In the introduction, the author tells that the book has 30 chapters, and each chapter gives a different way to pray.  She writes that “if you grasp these 30 ways to pray for your life, you will be living a life of balance, purpose, freedom, wholeness, and true success.  You will be living a praying life, a life dedicated to drawing close to God and communing with Him every day –a life that works.”  I think that’s very true!  After spending so long in this book, I don’t even begin to believe that I have all the answers or have everything figured out.  But I think that this book is a great one to read and review regularly, to see the ways that God will teach new things about prayer through different phases of your life.

Day 6 really stood out to me – Pray as Though Your Life Depends on It.  After talking about King David and his struggles with prayers that seemed to be unanswered (something that is very clear as you read some of his prayers in the Psalms), she says “being mad at God for not answering your prayer is not a good way to live”.  She then goes on to say that “God wants you to have a life of freedom, wholeness, and true success, but none of that can happen if you are not praying”.  God can still work in our lives if we aren’t praying, but when we aren’t taking the time to communicate our needs to Him, we can’t expect to see the ways that He’s working.  This is a good reminder for each of us, no matter where we’re at on our walk with the Lord – He wants nothing more than to be in a relationship with us, the only thing we need to do is be open to sharing our lives and our hearts with Him.

Each chapter ends with a section called “Prayer Power”, with a prayer that you can read or adapt for your own use.  It also includes “Word Power”, with specific verses that relate to the topic of the chapter.  The devotional is really a great one, it makes you think and gives you nuggets of wisdom to chew on throughout the whole day.  It’s definitely worth picking up!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


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