Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings by Sheridan Voysey

This book offers a very real look into the heartbreak associated with infertility, IVF, negative pregnancy tests, and positive tests that don’t wind up being the happy thing you would think that they would.  This couple went through this for ten years before they realized that their dream of becoming parents just wasn’t going to happen.   Ten years!  After their dreams for a family were dashed over and over again, they decided to start over – not just by moving to another city, but another country.    Throughout the book, you’re seeing journal entries by the husband (who wrote the book), and you also see emails written by the wife – they are both incredibly transparent in telling their story.  All of their story.  You read about the hard decisions they had to make with the IVF process, you see how they struggled through applications to adopt (and then gave that up in order to pursue a round of IVF instead), and you watch the multiple times they met with prayer groups and heard positive words, only to at the end of it all wind up wondering where God was and if He actually cared or not.  I was encouraged by how real the stories were.  This isn’t a couple that tells you they have it all together and God is amazing and they have complete faith because they just do.  They’ve struggled and in some very hard ways, but through it all, they kept going back to God and being honest with Him about their struggles.  They kept praying, kept talking to others, kept reading books, kept being real with God and themselves.  I was truly impressed by how much they talked to each other too – it wasn’t as though they went through their struggles alone, they were very real with each other too.  And it showed how great their marriage was/is.  In spite of all their heartbreak, they remained together, supportive of each other and excited for the successes of the other one.

A great thing about this book is that it does tell a true story, and it’s a unique book in the way that it doesn’t end with something miraculous or unexpected – it ends with a couple who had their faith strengthened, who learned a lot, who grew through their experiences, but who were left at the end of the day in the same position they were before – childless.  But you saw that in spite of that, they did learn how to be happy, and I think that’s a lesson we all need to learn.  No matter what happens in each of our lives, we aren’t always going to know why it happened or what the purpose was for the hard times…. but we DO know that God is always there with us.  That’s what matters most.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


Resurrection Year Cover


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