Secrets to a Happy Life by Bill Giovannetti

This was a completely delightful book, that I truly couldn’t put down once I started it.  As someone who tends to be a very happy person, and I liked the idea of reading a book about a happy life – it was even better than I thought it would be!

The book gives eleven “secrets”, which include things like: letting go, endurance, trust, identity, wisdom, surrender, and more.  The author tells us that “they are eleven secrets tied together by a single conviction: an unshakable belief in God’s “wise and fatherly disposal” in each condition.”  He tells us that he “can’t wave a magic wand and make us happy”.  I appreciate that honesty – happiness is not something that can be bought, it’s something that we have to come to by learning not just who we are, but by trusting in who God is.  As the author says, “no one’s happiness rises above their trust in God, and no one’s trust rises above their conception of him”.  So, we really need to learn more about God, have more experiences with Him, and really be able to recognize that He is in control – no matter what we see happening, He sees the whole picture, and He does have a plan in it!

The book focuses on the story of Joseph, from the Old Testament.  It draws parallels from that story to our lives, from the challenges that Joseph faced to the ones that we go through today, from the discouragement that Joseph had in his life to the discouragement we face (if you’ve read his story, you will know that Joseph had quite the life story!), and from his successes to the ones that we can look forward to as well.  It’s a book filled with practical advice, witty statements, things that will really make you think, and that will also make you laugh.  It’s a book about being happy, after all!  I appreciated that while this book is clearly written from the perspective of someone who has a relationship with the Lord, it wasn’t written with an “in your face” Christian slant.  It would be a great book to share with any of your friends, believers or not.  Each chapter ends with discussion questions and they really make you think.  This book would be ideal for a book club, or a small group Bible study.  There’s a lot that could be learned in talking through it with others!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to give a positive review, the thoughts expressed here are completely my own.


A book excerpt for your reading pleasure:





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