The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim

On the front cover of the book, it says that this is “a modern retelling of The Scarlet Letter”. I’ve never read that classic, but I do have a general idea what it was about, and it intrigued me to think about those themes in terms of an Old Order Mennonite community.  It’s not that I have any reason to believe that their lives are any different than ours, but I think of them as being much more private about what’s happening.  Maybe that’s what made this such a great read – things weren’t made clear from the start (unlike the way things are with the press for us in real life!), and you really had to follow along with the story for awhile to be able to recognize what had happened.

Once I got started reading, it was impossible for me to put this book down.  I felt drawn in from the start, and like these were real people that I knew, and not just characters in a book.  Each one had their own story with their own challenges – some were predictable, and some were a complete shock to find out about at the end.  I liked the play on the names Rachel and Leah, the sisters who got caught in quite a tangled web in the Bible.  It wasn’t any less thrilling to read about the sisters in this book!

I appreciated that this book showed every side of the story (stories), and ultimately, proved what the power of redemption can do.  It’s a truly great book, and definitely makes me excited about reading more from this author!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review – the thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


2 thoughts on “The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim

  1. Thank you so much, Krysta, for the wonderful review! I especially love how you mentioned the power of redemption!

    Blessings, Jolina

    • You are very welcome! Thank YOU for writing the book, and for the lessons it taught. I really did love it and look forward to reading more from you! =-)


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