The One Year Holy Land Moments Devotional

I wasn’t at all sure what to expect with this devotional, but I thought the idea of reading something by a Jewish Rabbi and a Christian Theologian was pretty cool and definitely worth checking out!  I’m glad I did, because it definitely was worth it, and I’m excited to keep reading!

This book has readings for each day, and is separated into fifty-two weeks that each start with Day 1, and end with “Sabbath Reflections” on Day 7.  The introduction says that the book is arranged in a way that has the readings that relate to holy days and celebrations close to the time of year that they happen.  While I loved the readings, I did wish there was an easy way to see what week you should start with at what time of the year.  I didn’t know if the book was arranged so week one was the first week of our year (January 1st) or if it’s based on the Jewish calendar and week one is the first week of that year.  Either way though, the readings each day are filled with good thoughts, new perspectives, and by having both the Jewish and Christian perspectives (although much more of the former than the latter), it really helps you to see things in a new light.  I’m looking forward to continuing with these devotional readings, and seeing what I’ll learn as I go!

I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


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