NIV Integrated Study Bible

I have long thought that it would be fantastic to get my hands on a Bible that was arranged chronologically, but I haven’t been able to yet.  So… I was absolutely intrigued by this Bible – one that is chronological, with the passages of Scripture being arranged in order, but it goes a step further and has individual events in order as well.  They aren’t just in order, but you get to see how three, sometimes four, sections of Scripture are all about the same thing, because they are next to each other in this Bible and make it easy to see how they connect without having to flip back and forth between books.  I know that some people do enjoy all the flipping around, but somehow the way this is written really makes it seem to “come alive” – you’re able to quickly and easily see how scriptures connect to each other, how they relate even in things you never would have thought of.  It isn’t just in the New Testament, where you know that Jesus will often reference Old Testament scriptures.  You see a lot of it in the Old Testament as well.  For example, in Joshua 20, there are cross-references to Numbers 35 and Deuteronomy 19.  All three chapters talk about the “Cities of Refuge”, and being able to look at the three books side by side brings things to light that you never would have considered.  This makes for fantastic Bible study, and I am excited to make this my primary Bible for personal devotions going forward!

I would absolutely recommend this Bible to anyone looking for ways to dig deeper and learn more than you ever have before.  It’s a truly wonderful Bible and definitely worth adding to your library!
On a purely “personal preference” note, I really appreciated how this Bible has the same image on the actual cover as the dust jacket. So many books are not at all the same on the cover as what shows on the dust jacket – this Bible is the exact same. It’s a beautiful cover and I’m glad I won’t have to keep the dust jacket in order to keep that image! =-)

I received a free copy of this Bible from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.  I was in no way required to write anything positive – the thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


NIV Integrated Study Bible


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