NIV Essentials Study Bible

This Bible is a pretty amazing compilation of information from six different resources:

*NIV Study Bible

*NIV Quest Study Bible

*NIV Archaeological Study Bible

*NIV Student Bible

*The Great Rescue Bible

*The Essential Bible Companion

As someone who grew up using an NIV Bible, I was really interested in THIS Bible because so much “extra stuff” was included (especially the archaeological stuff!).  Over the past couple of years I’ve been using study Bibles almost exclusively in my study times (and for Bible reading in general, I guess!), so having one Bible that had the wisdom and thoughts from all these other books in it – what a way to make study even easier and even better, right?  The dust jacket shows pictures of each of the other books, and tells you that depending on what you liked the most, you may want to pick one (or more!) of those books up.  While that may be good, I think I can say that this Bible really does have the best of all worlds.  Why pull out six books when you can pull out one?

The start of each book includes a section with key concepts, key verses, key teachings, key terms, people to know, a great visual with “when did these things happen?”, and a picture that shows something important from that book (in Genesis, the picture is of “The Land of the Bible” and in Exodus, it’s “From Egypt to Mount Sinai”).  Each book include sections on history, large sections on the people in the book (and they aren’t always the people you’d think they’d be!), details about things that are important to know (in Exodus, you see a half a page on the Names of God), Q&A sections (in Exodus 7, you get a great answer to “Why Did God Choose These Particular Plagues?”, and in Exodus 21, you get a section on “Does the Bible Support Slavery?”), R&R (reflect and respond) sections (in I Kings, it includes a section on doubts, which gives you a portion to “read”, a portion to “think”, and a portion to “live”, and then gives you the “next level”, where it asks you to read in Jeremiah – then it even tells what page to go to for the “next devotional” reading!), and more.  Like all good study Bibles, each page has footnotes – many of the things noted are what you’d expect (and very similar to other study Bible footnotes), but they do also include portions that aren’t what you would have expected.

One thing I noticed pretty early on was related to the layout – with all the extra content included, the margins are definitely not wide enough to write much on.  If you are used to writing in your Bible (and I absolutely am!), this would make it a little bit more complicated to use as your Bible that you take to group studies.  I think it would still be great for personal use at home though!

Not related at all to the content, but I was a little bit disappointed in the cover of the actual Bible itself.  The paper dust jacket is wonderful, but the cover of the Bible just says “Holy Bible” and “NIV”.  You wouldn’t have any clue that the Bible was this really amazing grouping of books if you didn’t have the outside dust jacket on it.

All in all, this is a pretty great Bible, and one that I think could make for great study times.  It’s a wonderful compilation of some pretty amazing resources, and a great way to get access to all the cool stuff those books include without having to spread out at the dining room table with six separate books in front of you.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.

niv essentials study bible


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