Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothlin

I didn’t grow up around boys (I’ve got one sister and no brothers), but now that I have two little guys of my own, I feel like I’m often at a loss of how to pray specifically for boys and their needs.  I mean, every mother can pray for their kids with or without a book, but I really appreciated how this author provided specific things to pray about that each of us will be able to recognize are important things for our kids, but we may not have considered praying about.

The books starts out with four really good sections: Boys are a Battle Zone, What is Prayer and Why Should We Do It?, Going it Alone (for those who are single moms), and How to Use This Book.   I appreciated how the author told us that in using this book, it wasn’t about reading it and putting it back on the shelf – it was written with three purposes in mind:  “to encourage parents to pray for their sons, to teach them how to do it, and to inspire them to keep doing it on a regular basis by explaining why it’s a vital part of raising godly men.”

There are 21 areas the authors gives as “Things They Need Most”, and those cover things like integrity, wisdom, honor, purity, each of the fruit of the spirit, anger, forgiveness and salvation.  Each “chapter” includes two-three pages of discussion on that specific area, then it gives at least a page of prayers (with the Scriptural reference!) with blanks, for you to fill in your child’s name as you pray.  After that list, is a group of questions for “Discussion or Reflection” and I found those to be the most thought-provoking part of this book.  The questions can ask you to consider things you learned from your parents, things you’ve done and should think about changing, ways that God treats us and how we should look at our parenting in that light… they were really a fantastic part of this book!  Based on the things that were covered though, it does seem like the book would almost work “best” if you had someone else going through it with you – in a group, or even with just one other person.  You can definitely learn from the book doing it alone, but I am sure that the experience would be enhanced if someone else was going through it too!

I would definitely recommend this book to other mothers, and highly encourage you to check it out.  Even if you don’t have anyone else that you’d be able to study with, this book gives great thoughts and ideas for prayer for your sons.  Well worth taking the time to read, and well worth including in your daily prayer life as well!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.  I was in no way required to write anything positive – the thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.

Praying for Boys Cover


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