$10 Great Dates by Larson & Arp

This book is written by two couples, Peter and Heather Larson, and David and Claudia Arp.  It’s a really fantastic book, because it gives ideas that are good, relatively simple, and fun – and did I mention that they’re cheap??  The book is called $10 Great Dates because it’s literally a book of ideas that are super fantastic date ideas, but ones that aren’t expensive (although you could always spend more, ha ha!).  Not only that, for anyone is even remotely challenged in planning details, they list them all out!  Each date idea takes about three pages, gives you a general idea behind what they’re going for, and then gives details:

The Idea – the premise behind what you’ll be planning to do.

Before Your Date – things to prep beforehand.

On Your Date – a detailed list of the things you need to know about what you’ll be doing.

Talking Points – a list of questions to ask each other or things to consider with each other while you’re out.

Great Date Takeaway – a few sentences that give you a great thing to work on or think about working on going forward from your date.  These can be simple, or they can be a little bit more detailed, but either way they are thoughts that are definitely worth considering!

The book is filled with 52 creative date ideas, perfect for you to use one a week for a full year.  It even has a section at the end with a list of Cheap Child Care Options.  As someone who has two young kiddos and no family anywhere remotely close, I really appreciated that section.  There were some great ideas in there, and definitely a few that I think we should consider taking advantage of!

One idea that I really liked was close to the front of the book, and talked about going to a free workshop at a home garden center, having breakfast together, buying plants with each other (I mean, when the workshop is free, you can have a lot of fun for $10!), and enjoying that time thinking about something new with each other.  We’ve done free events at garden centers with our kiddos, but haven’t considered doing something like this together – just the two of us.  It could be a lot of fun!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.  I was in no way required to write anything positive – all thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.


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