soul friends by dr. leslie parrot

“Whether you are surrounded by trusted soul friends, or you are lonely and longing for deep-spirited friends, this book is designed for every woman who wants to grow in faith and friendship.”

This was an incredible book to read, ponder, and try to apply to my life.  It’s written by an author I have a lot of respect for – Dr. Leslie Parrot, a marriage and family counselor who has written many other books on her own, as well as books with her husband, Dr. Les Parrot.

I expected this to be a fun, light read, but it really was a lot deeper than that.  The book is set up to help us see our “spiritual journey in terms of four major landmarks: Quest, Calling, Crisis, and Communion”.  Each of those areas were ones she came to after study, and she gave a lot of background on how she got there.  Some of it was borderline new age, talking about the Celts and their terms for things like “soul friends”.

I appreciated that the book was divided based on those four landmarks, but I also appreciated how she talked about how many of our experiences will have parts that are in more than one category.  Each chapter (including the preface, which she called the “invitation”) ends with a section called “soul souvenirs”, a couple of questions to help you dig deeper into what you just read.  With how much depth is in this book, the theologians quoted, the books that it references (and makes you want to dig out to read for yourself!), and the numerous Scriptures quoted, I think it would make an incredible book to read through with a book club or a small group.  I loved reading it on my own, but I do think I’d get a lot more from it if I was able to work through it with a friend.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.  I was in no way required to write anything positive – all thoughts and opinions expressed here are completely my own.

Soul Friends Cover


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